Sunday, February 2, 2020

Writing Less (And Learning More)

            For the past year and a half, I have written much less than in any time period since I switched careers from newspaper reporter to teacher. From the time I left the newsroom for the classroom in 1999, I kept my fingers close to the keyboard, writing free-lance magazine stories, blog posts, and even manuscripts. But since I made the transition from teacher to administrator 19 months ago, I’ve done far less writing.
            And the reason is simple: I have so much to learn.
            I’m a veteran educator with plenty of experience and points of view on the subject of supporting high school students and teachers. I put my experience and perspective to work every day in the challenging job that I have. But I’m also paying attention to the many areas of education that I now view from a different vantage point. As I focus on this learning, I want to allow for as much growth as possible. To me, that means opening my own mouth (or blog site) less and spending more time reflecting and processing.
            There have still been experiences I’ve found well worth sharing. After all, I enjoy using my communication skills to engage in educational dialogue. But it’s also important to understand the true nature of the dialogue before entering into the conversation.
            I hope to serve as an educational leader for many years, and to support as many lifelong learners as possible. But first I need to focus on the learning, and grow with this job. I’m doing my best, and keeping my eyes wide open.

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